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Vision & Design Skills

Helping you to visualise the opportunities

Architects bring to a project the ability to visualise opportunities. They are trained to translate the client's aspirations into a three-dimensional form that explores the potential of their chosen building site. Often, the architect is able to show the client greater potential than the client may have seen themselves.

An architect's design skills enable them to respond to both the client's wishes and the needs of the natural environment with equal consideration. This is a unique and valuable skill, the product of extensive training and day-to-day experience of the complicated building process.

Creativity and communication skills

Architects combine open-minded creativity with analytical objectivity. This gives them a unique four-dimensional concept of scale; three of space and one of time.

A team approach is essential to any building project. Architects manage a wide variety of situations both inside and outside the Practice, particularly with other specialists in the building industry.

Communication is a central element of the design and construction process and architects are used to communicating with a variety of people including the client, the builders, the local territorial authority and other specialist consultants such as engineers.

Above all architects are interested in people and the buildings people use. They are inspired, but also respond in a practical way to their surroundings.

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